The vast majority of the software I use on a regular basis is packaged as either standalone executables, MSIs, or ISO images. However, the Team Foundation Server client for Visual Studio 2005 (yes, I still have to use 2K5 regularly) is in an IMG file. With VMWare Workstation, this wasn’t a problem; IMG images could be mounted just as easily as ISO images. Hyper-V (and R2), unfortunately, is limited to mounting ISOs. So how do I get the VSTF client installed on my Hyper-V guest?

Given the rarity of IMG files nowadays, I decided to settle for a one-off workaround, and convert my IMG to an ISO that would be broadly compatible with any image mounting software, including Hyper-V.  Several options are available for this; I used MagicISO to do the conversion.  The entire process, from download to new ISO, took only a few minutes, and I was able to successfully mount what had originally been an IMG image.