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Until recently, I have used Arvixe for some web hosting. In the wake of the Heartbleed disclosure, scans showed that www.arvixe.com, along with other subdomains, was vulnerable to Heartbleed. Arvixe updated their systems, as they should, but, several weeks later, still hadn’t revoked and replaced their SSL certificates, a necessary step for recovering from the […]

Any organization that relies on more than one system or application will find the need to integrate those systems and applications. Yet, as common as this need is and as many software packages have been released to help the process, a lot of teams still lack an understanding of the fundamental process of performing application […]

The Extended Mind Thesis, or EMT, is the proposal that the human mind isn’t limited to “stuff happening in your brain”, but includes parts of the external world, including tools that assist in cognitive processing. Andy Clark and David Chalmers famously[1] argued that, as far as the definition of ‘the mind’ is concerned in the […]

Photo of fruit in blender by Sigurdas [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Many years ago, there was a wealthy family in poor health. The local doctor examined them and discovered to his surprise that the entire family showed symptoms of scurvy.  The family had no fruit in their diets.  The doctor’s prescription was simple:  eat more […]

If it’s so fragile that you can’t change it, then you must change it.

Cormac Herley of Microsoft Research recently published a paper titled, “So Long, and No Thanks for all the Externalities,” in which he argues that the common situation of users ignoring or bypassing computer security measures is economically rational, and that many of these security measures may hurt more than they help. He also suggests a […]

A few months ago I was debating with a friend over IM about how far one should take unit testing. He was of the opinion that one should only bother with unit tests on complex methods, and that unit testing the simple stuff was a waste of time. I pressed him on just how simple […]

Last week a colleague was taking the opportunity to revisit his development environment. In light of the availability of Windows Server 2008 R2, Win7, and Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010, Eric was interested in pursuing a heavily virtualized setup. As he knew I am a proponent of doing all development (including the IDEs) in […]